Advance Auto Parts
Advance Auto Parts
Design for the eCommerce giant

AAP is one of the largest retailers of automotive replacement parts and accessories in the US. A consulting firm, needed an innovation partner to help execute their future-state digital architecture and roadmap.

The Dubai Mall Mobile App RedesignThe Dubai Mall Mobile App Redesign

The Ask.

We kicked-off the project with consulting firm findings and helped in execution of few marketing concepts targeted towards enhancing the AAP experience and customer engagements.

We got approvals on designing the Advance Auto Parts mobile app comprising of three core features Shopping, DIY Learning and Gamification. We executed the whole mobile app design and website with outsourced agency, keeping the essence of Advance Auto Parts brand guidelines in look & feel of the app.

My Role.

While I was at Creative Chaos as a Product Designer. My core responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Product design execution, and responsible for the consistent design look & feel.
  2. Agile design sprints for the product features pitch and design scaling based on business approvals.
  3. Involved in product strategy with consulting firm and product manager.
  4. Initiated design process which includes user flows based on user personas and market research, UX wireframes, end-to-end product design execution for all the user flows and product functionalities, Developers handoff and design walkthroughs for the sprint features.
  5. Design System for developers reference.
  6. Collaborated with internal and external creative directors, and engineers for smooth design delivery and front-end implementations.

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